Thursday, May 23, 2019

Ledgerwork III

Weaving is still very much on my mind and so another page with ideas is made. The weaving/embroidery combination turns out to be a very fruitful one. Next time there will be more!

Enjoy your thursday.


Tuesday, May 21, 2019

Ledgerwork II

While pondering about what to do next I saw the work of Anni Albers and so I came to the idea to do weaving patterns in cross-stitch. Made four little samples with different widths and heights, only one is taken from Anni Albers, the rest are random patterns found on the net. 

They were fun to do and now I'm playing with them, so I can find the "perfect" placement ... :-)

More weaving but differently next time!

Enjoy yourself!


Friday, May 17, 2019


Today I want to show you the four pages that are added to my ledger. Different backgrounds are created by making different compositions with the recycled papers that I chose for this part of the project. A time-consuming process but worth it since they are lovely samples for the future.

At the moment I'm stitching small samples in which I use weaving patterns. You will see the result next time.

Enjoy yourself!


Saturday, May 11, 2019

A new ledger

My opening page for this new ledger. The assigment is to come up with colour study stitch samples. 

For this project I chose to work with blomstergarn, flowerthread and only use finds from a fleamarket or thriftshop. Of these 5 colours I had a reasonable amount and so I can do a number of pages with them. This does mean I'm not following the assignment completely because in designwork you decide your colours and stick with them until the project is finished. That will not happen.

And the last picture gives you an overview of the first page. It was fun to put this page together.

Enjoy your weekend!


Thursday, May 9, 2019

A gift

As usual, sorry about that, I'm falling behind again on writing on my blog. After the exhibition and all the running around I needed something easy and repetitive to ease myself into my life as a stitcher again. 

Bullion knots are fantastic and they get that job done. So I pricked a pattern in a square and started sewing.

And since a lovely white frame was living a a tucked away place, I decided to frame this piece and keep it until I need a gift for someone. 

After this I was able to start thinking about my ledger. Yep, another project to learn more and get a collection of techniques in one place. 

Wish me luck .. :-)


Thursday, April 25, 2019

Video of the Pink & Green ledger

On the 15th of April I told you about the Pink & Green ledger. Made a little video of it simply because this little booklet charms me so much. In the start of the video I point to a quote of Leon Levinstein, an American photographer. Since the quote is hardly to read due to the light I wrote it down here. The quote is:

I walk,
I look,
I see,
I stop,
I photograph.



Some last impressions of the exhibition

The exhibition is done now and everything is home again and found its place. Soul Food was the star of the exhibition as were the paper plates and the portrait. Lots of positive comments and people who want to try to make something similar. Hope they get the embroidery-bug .. :-)

The last two pictures are from the artwork of Else Frøsig, a very popular artist on the isle. 

Now it is time to start stitching again because I so missed it.