Friday, November 16, 2018

Two ladies and the sun

A lot of stitching happend during the last few days. I really like this red on the natural coloured linen, it all fits wonderfully together. The first layer is now almost done which means the second layer can be started this weekend. Although to be fair there will not be much stitching happening since we are gonna visit Koldinghus with and the exhibition they are having at the moment this weekend and there is some other stuff on the calender. Therefore it probably will take a week or so to get the second layer done.

Anyway, you have fun with your projects and have a lovely november weekend!


Thursday, November 15, 2018

Two ladies and the sun

Just a quick update-post to show you the progress made. The first layer of one lady is done and I'll soon start the next one. I never did Bayeux stitch with crochet yarn nor such a big space, the circle I mean. Therefore my fingers are crossed that things will work out when I put on the second layer. Well there is still a fair amount to do before I have to cross that bridge.

Let's keep stitching!


Tuesday, November 13, 2018

Back again!

After a week of headaches and two days of a lovely but very painful migraine it seems that I'm back in shape again. I say seems since only this morning I started feeling that way and really hope it lasts!!!!

This pieces is already for more than a week on the way not an awful lot happend but with some work of this morning included it looks at least as something is growing towards a piece. 

As you can see, the inspiration is taken from a photograph that I took in Sweden in 2012. There are very few helleristninger, stone carvings, in which you can see women. Lots and lots of men with very big private parts but women, nope. So therefore I like this one best and I don't want to embroider private parts, :-). (I really loved rereading this old blogpost, Julie, so thanks again.)

Now it is time to get a move on, I embroidered all morning, because there is also other stuff that need to be happening!

Have a lovely day and I do hope you (re)read the old blogpost because I think it is still fun to read.

C ya Elizabeth

Saturday, November 3, 2018

The absolute final touches on the portrait

I know, I know, I said the final post already a few times but this time it truly has to be the final post. Why? Because everything is done, even the signing and now it is safely stored away until Easter. 

The passepartout is pinpricked to create texture and that's also the way how the rectangle in the middle is removed. It adds some interest between the two sheets of white paper. 

Did I already tell you that 'm just so happy with the result? If not, you do know now! :-)

This evening I will finish a pillow, one of my UFO's.

Enjoy yourself.


Sunday, October 28, 2018

The portrait

At my Flickr-stream I created an album The portrait in which all the different stages of creating this portrait can be seen. So if you're interested, click here.

Enjoy your sunday evening!


Friday, October 26, 2018

Memorylane revisited


Last February I made this cloth for the series of Memory lane. Unfortunately I couldn't get used to the "hard" blue. (That's also the reason why the first pictures are made in black and white.) Since it always takes me a few days before I'm ready to dive into my work again after a holiday I decided to remove the lettering and replace it with more bullion knots. A sort of in-between project.

Now this I love. A sea of unruly bullion knots on a very much used cloth. This piece is so soft and falls so beautiful. I'm very happy that I made the decision to change it. 

Hope you enjoyed yourself too this week with your projects.


Saturday, October 13, 2018



A lot of work has been done the past few days. One of things that happend was watching this video of Arne & Carlos. Finally I found a way of quilting that was even doable for me. And so I had to start immediately, ofcourse. Those who follow my blog for some time know of my absolute non-talent around the sewing machine but I truely believed I could do it and simply set myself to work. Never mind that my thread kept on snapping, that I had to start over a couple of times, that another needle broke or that I became totally exhausted from the anxiety that the lot caused because a beautiful block of 30 x 30 cm's was the result after a few hours of wrestling. 

This small piece was made to relax. Don't like the frame that much but I do like the work I made. 

And some good news I think I found the answers to some of the questions I gave myself. Which means that very soon I can stitch again in the evenings in a very productive manner ... So looking forward to that. 

Enjoy your autumn and I will be back soon.