Tuesday, February 19, 2019

True vintage, a big post

The True vintage ledger is ready and I'm bubbly happy with it. The picture above is the last page and if I remember well this is the first time I used lace in my work. There are two squares of lace that were gifted to me some years ago. Never really found a place were they belonged or could live but together with the lace trim it was a natural fit. 

In the collage you can see the page with the three prairiepoint pieces. All made in different papers and laid down differently to add a bit of interest.

Grandmothers flowergarden had to be added to a vintage ledger, I think. I haven't managed to sew them together like one does with fabric, still I do like them. Again, I made three of them in different papers.

A real breakthrough when I finally managed to make a paper puff or paper Suffolk puff I should say. So happy with it ... :-))

There are two pages, opposite from each other, one with appliqué and one with reverse appliqué. Each time with the same stitches, so one could really see the difference between these two techniques. 

At one point there was sunshine and I couldn't resist making this picture. I simply love it, the shadows of the thread and the needle, as mrs Teacher would say: "Tummy flips" .. :-)

Ofcourse I had to make a video too because I do realize that it is difficult to get a full picture of this project with just a few snapshots.

I really enjoyed myself making this ledger. Now it is time again to move on and finish some UFO's for the exhibition.

Hope you are enjoying yourself too!


Monday, February 11, 2019

True Vintage

On the first of January the first post about this Vintage-project was posted. Stuff happend ... another project and the sniffles with fever. But now about 6 weeks later I can show you lots of progress.

All the stitching is done in ledger itself, so no stitching on a separate piece of paper. All kinds of stitches are used, also those I normally don't use, to make it more diverse and interesting.

Annotations are not forgotten and are a part of the charm of the pages. They are done on a separate piece of paper but also from a vintage ledger.

This photograph I called The road of stitch ... 

and I hope our paths will cross ... Two pictures, one title ... love doing that on Flickr.

Already made a start with the second part of the ledger which will involve old written material. Therefore I hope to be back here very soon again.

In the meantime ... Enjoy yourself!


Tuesday, January 29, 2019

for the love of lines

Only 4 days ago I gave you the start of a new project, the project without a name, yet. The name is found and a lot more pieces of the puzzle are made.

For the first time running stitch has the lead role in a project and it is really fun to come up with all kinds of variations. 

In this piece you can see the title loud and clear: for the love of lines. There is one more piece to stitch, after than I have to put all the pieces in their place and connect them. I'm over the moon with excitement but I do realize that it is hard to see the whole idea with just these few pictures. Don't worry soon, really soon I will be shouting from the rooftop again ... :-)

Enjoy your week!


Friday, January 25, 2019

New piece with no name, yet


In the picture above you can see the start of a new piece. If everything works out as planned, it will become a larger piece, 42 cm x 100 cm ... give and take a cm. 

This is the second part  and here you can see the full width. This part looks so easy but it was a nightmare to draw. Yes, there is a drawing needed otherwise you don't know where to prick the holes and I wanted it as precise as possible.

Love this detailpicture so I share this one too and hope you can see how beautiful it looks and how fantastic these colours work together. 

The third part of this piece without name is on my table and I hope to make some big progress soon. There will be 9 parts in this piece so there is no time to be idle especially since another course is coming up too. Good thing that I love to swing my needle.

Have a great weekend!


Thursday, January 17, 2019


The last few days I've been thinking about how I got started with Soul Food. And so my Babel was loved once more. Babel is the book Jim Houser put together with pictures of his work along with an interview. It is almost 10 years now that this journey begun and in a few months I will have an exhibition called Soul Food. The world, the people visiting, get to see how I got a voice by accepting the challenge. The challenge was to tell my own stories, in my own manner and see how it touched others. Soul Food was really good at that.

This piece of cloth is very special because I used it washing my babies faces. Now they are planning to move out and so it was time to make something special. The quote is on one of the paintings of Jim:
"This stays with you every simple second, quiet and quick like touches."

The love for my kids will always be there and so will be my stories on Soul Food.

And if you're wondering why this heap of threads? Well, I don't keep my threads in an orderly fashion. These threads were left in a plastic bag after I finished Soul Food. Now I used a few of them to write these words and that makes me feel so happy ... :-)



Monday, January 7, 2019

Crazy quilt

Mid October I told you about the first block for my crazy quilt. Haven't made any report about it since but I kept on stitching. Today I made a big step forward, 20 blocks were sewed together. This was my first time of doing this and I had postponed the inevitable already a few times, it was simply time to bite the bullet. Now that I got it done without breaking a needle, still with a lot of snapping thread, I'm so proud. Not because it is the most special or original quilt but because I didn't give up.

One hurray for each step forward.

Have a fabulous week!


Tuesday, January 1, 2019


Let me start by wishing you the most beautiful, peaceful and creative 2019. 

The start of a new year always inspires to make plans for most people and I joined most people for a change. So what are the plans. Well at the end of the month a new ledger class starts which, to me, is very exciting. Decided to make three ledgers, maybe I should add at least because I started already with no. 1. 

Ledger no. 1 is called Vintage. Last summer I found a stack of old ledgers and notebooks, all dating from around 1850. At the point my isle wasn't a Danish isle but a German isle and therefore the official ledger is printed in German. 

In the picture you can see my first page. The word Vintage in partial lettering with a strip of paper on top. The stitches used are running stitch and buttonhole stitch. Working on these pages takes longer than working with my usual paper because I have to find out the strenght of the paper and it is a bound ledger which means a lot of moving around with it to get the work done. Don't mind because I have a whole year to finish it ... :-))

The other two ledgers are still only notes jotted down and some inspirational photographs. So you have to wait a little while for some pictures. Besides all of this there is still the work for the Easter exhibition to finish.

Time to get started because there is lots to do! ... Yeah!!!!

Enjoy yourself.