Tuesday, July 16, 2019

The white series; page 2

The White series  continue on a new page. Again I stitched white patterned strips of wallpaper into my ledger. The patterning is round, flowing and therefore as a contrast I chose to do a flowing strip of cross-stitch. 

I stitch these pages with a beadneedle. The reason for that is that the page remains beautiful flat even when I'm coming up from the back. The used thread is a very, very fine crochet thread which with some effort I managed to get into the eye.

The name of this page is: What binds us together?

Our shared memories, 
a chain of events that entangled us, 
the feeling of being made of the same cloth, 
the paths we travel which seem to go in the same direction 
or simply the recognition of another heartbeat?

The binding strip lays over the three basic strips.

Each picture is taken at another time of the day and therefore they are so different in colour although it is the same page.



Rachel said...

That looks good! The shadows look really good.

Karen said...

the shadowing is incredible....this is a very exciting project, love it.