Monday, March 18, 2019


hej there. No, I haven't fallen from the blog-earth, just busy creating and not taking time to write about it. The piece above is for the exhibition. At the start I had a different plan, unfortunately I made a mistake and so the balancing act didn't work out. Therefore I took an A0 board, painted it and placed the different colourstudies on it. 

This is an experiment and I have an idea how I can use this. Haven't made that yet because I got Pink-disease ... :-))

Found a small ledger at a thriftshop and for some reason felt very compelled to fill it with pink-ideas. Maybe it was because I had used the leftover pink paint on a big bunch of paper sheets or because of the red hearts on the cover, nevertheless pink mania roares its fury at the moment. All kinds of ideas will find their way into this book which can be used later on when I start with my ledger for class

First I need to get ready for the exhibition. There is still stuff to do, luckily there is still time.

Enjoy yourself and I hope to see you soon again.