Thursday, February 28, 2019

A sweet heart

Last week I came across a video about macramé. The end result of the knotting rope was a beautiful heart. And as you probably know or already guessed how my brains work; What one can do with rope, one can do with embroidery thread too. And so I made a cord with my snoregaffel (lucet) and used the technique of making the macramé heart to make one with leftover Soul Food thread. 

This technique could be used in colourstudy with thread and the shape doesn't have to be a heart. It could be a circle or a feather or a square or ... 

Well it was lovely to try and surprise myself  ... even if it was just a little bit. :-)

Have a wonderful week!


Tuesday, February 19, 2019

True vintage, a big post

The True vintage ledger is ready and I'm bubbly happy with it. The picture above is the last page and if I remember well this is the first time I used lace in my work. There are two squares of lace that were gifted to me some years ago. Never really found a place were they belonged or could live but together with the lace trim it was a natural fit. 

In the collage you can see the page with the three prairiepoint pieces. All made in different papers and laid down differently to add a bit of interest.

Grandmothers flowergarden had to be added to a vintage ledger, I think. I haven't managed to sew them together like one does with fabric, still I do like them. Again, I made three of them in different papers.

A real breakthrough when I finally managed to make a paper puff or paper Suffolk puff I should say. So happy with it ... :-))

There are two pages, opposite from each other, one with appliqué and one with reverse appliqué. Each time with the same stitches, so one could really see the difference between these two techniques. 

At one point there was sunshine and I couldn't resist making this picture. I simply love it, the shadows of the thread and the needle, as mrs Teacher would say: "Tummy flips" .. :-)

Ofcourse I had to make a video too because I do realize that it is difficult to get a full picture of this project with just a few snapshots.

I really enjoyed myself making this ledger. Now it is time again to move on and finish some UFO's for the exhibition.

Hope you are enjoying yourself too!


Monday, February 11, 2019

True Vintage

On the first of January the first post about this Vintage-project was posted. Stuff happend ... another project and the sniffles with fever. But now about 6 weeks later I can show you lots of progress.

All the stitching is done in ledger itself, so no stitching on a separate piece of paper. All kinds of stitches are used, also those I normally don't use, to make it more diverse and interesting.

Annotations are not forgotten and are a part of the charm of the pages. They are done on a separate piece of paper but also from a vintage ledger.

This photograph I called The road of stitch ... 

and I hope our paths will cross ... Two pictures, one title ... love doing that on Flickr.

Already made a start with the second part of the ledger which will involve old written material. Therefore I hope to be back here very soon again.

In the meantime ... Enjoy yourself!