Saturday, October 13, 2018



A lot of work has been done the past few days. One of things that happend was watching this video of Arne & Carlos. Finally I found a way of quilting that was even doable for me. And so I had to start immediately, ofcourse. Those who follow my blog for some time know of my absolute non-talent around the sewing machine but I truely believed I could do it and simply set myself to work. Never mind that my thread kept on snapping, that I had to start over a couple of times, that another needle broke or that I became totally exhausted from the anxiety that the lot caused because a beautiful block of 30 x 30 cm's was the result after a few hours of wrestling. 

This small piece was made to relax. Don't like the frame that much but I do like the work I made. 

And some good news I think I found the answers to some of the questions I gave myself. Which means that very soon I can stitch again in the evenings in a very productive manner ... So looking forward to that. 

Enjoy your autumn and I will be back soon.


Monday, October 8, 2018

For the love of lines

While trying to find a new road to travel I decided to combine some inspiration from Agnes Martin and my love for lines. First two layers of gesso were applied, lots of time disappeared because of the drying. Than I drew the grid on the back, pinpricked the holes and stitched the paper.  After that I applied the colour. It looks really nice, very calming, unfortunately the work didn't really excite me and the colours are ok.

Better find another project, soon!

Have a lovely evening!


Friday, October 5, 2018

A change in the air?

It wasn't the most productive week this week. A lot of hmm. When I said yes to participate in the Easter exhibition 2019, I knew I wanted to build the exhibition around Soul Food. This meant a return to the colours, blue, pink and purple. For a long time these were my favorite colours, I even thought they still were. But I'm struggling with them since the start of the preparation, they don't excite me as much as they used to do. 

Luckily, I have an idea in which direction I want to go as soon as I know what kind of colour will make me happy. So for now I'm just playing around with paper ideas, my journal and lots of different colours. 

Enjoy your weekend!