Friday, September 28, 2018

Playing with paper II

Ofcourse there also need to be a blue page in this ledger and here it is. I really like this embroidered piece because there are so many story-telling elements in it. 

Totally love these two pages. The doodle drawn as precisely as I could together with the handspun wool makes a truly interesting combination. However the page with the knitted, handspun woollen thread did create a problem. My book was totally unable to close. I had to do something about that other than taking the knitted sample out.

My solution was to take out the remaining pages except for one and paint them. This way a stock of paper is ready to be used and the book can now close, well almost 

A rubber band is still needed but this way I can safely store the pages that are in the book. No worries at all and no waste of paper either.

Enjoy your weekend and your special quirks. :-)


1 comment:

Rachel said...

Those spiral bindings aren't conceived with embroidered or knitted pieces in mind, are they? But you've made a good choice, and now, as you say, you have a stock of painted papers ready to go!