Thursday, September 27, 2018


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Sometimes something very special ends up in one's mailbox, mine in this case. Three Japanese books called Hamonshu. In these books a study of waves in drawing can be seen. Very special. Ofcourse there are more images, so here is the link.

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Why do I like this book so much. Well, it is like the book of A. Boogert, the watercolour book, someone, a long time ago, spent their time making something beautiful and we can still draw inspiration from their amazing work. This is their seed as May Sarton would say.

The quote from May, for those who are not familiar with it.

"I would like to believe when I die that I have given myself away like a tree that sows seeds every spring and never count the loss, because it is not loss, it is adding to future life."

Have a lovely evening and keep sowing seeds!


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Rachel said...

That's a truly lovely thought. I hope I, too, sow seeds of thought and feeling...