Tuesday, September 4, 2018

A prototype

Since my teenage years I have already this problem with books that don't close. To me it is a nuiseance when it comes to storage due to the lack of space.  During this year of Artistbook with Karen I got confronted with it again, ofcourse. Luck was on my side this time because I came across this video of Susan Gaylord. In this video she shows a Japanse book (0.22 til 0.44) and that made me re-think the bookstructure.

My question was: If I were to make pages like the Japanse pages, what kind of spine would I need? In the picture you can see the spine.  (I know that this is just a piece of almost discarded paper) 

The pages are now sewed onto the spine but as you can see there is space between the pages which solves my problem.

The cover is made out of two layers. The first layer is to attach the content of the book. 

Made an opening, carefully pushed on side of the spine in and did the same on the other side. 

This is how the outside of the cover looks which isn't pretty by any means of measure. And therefore I stitched the second layer on it. A cover to cover things up.

As you can see in the last picture there is plenty of space for all kinds of stitches, collages, and anything else I want to put on the paper. 

This is a prototype and there are still some details I want to do differently but for now I'm really happy how things came together. 

Have a lovely tuesday!



Rachel said...

That does look as though it has come together well, and has potential for development, too...

Karen Ruane said...

I must have caused you a lot of anxiety with all my books which don't close! Sorry!!