Wednesday, September 12, 2018

A poem for the exhibition

At my first exhibition there was a poem of Rainer Maria Rilke, The Swan. My choice than was to pinprick the paper so the poem would flow on the paper. I am trying to make some sort of bridge between my first and second exhibition, like a continuation of sorts. Therefore I decided to take another poem and play with it. 

I wrote this poem in 2014, it seems I didn't publish it on my blog. No idea why. I wanted to use the three Soul Food-colours, blue, pink & purple, the main colours for the exhibition. This time the poem is scattered over the page. The mulberry paper partially removed so the lines became visible and with a simple pink running stitch it is finished off. Maybe I add a frame, haven't decided yet. 

The blue smudges were made as a reference to the wind. It is just a small piece but a lovely addition. At the moment there are 45 pieces for the exhibition. The largest one is ofcourse Soul Food, 1,35 x 1, 15 cm, the smallest one 15 x 18 cm.

And although there are still a couple of things I'd like to make, tonight I will start making another bark book. Yep, I'm going barking mad again ... :-)

Enjoy your evening.



Rachel said...

Intriguing! That mulberry paper is very appealing, isn't it!

Karen Ruane said...

Wonderful presentation of text Elizabeth