Friday, September 28, 2018

Playing with paper II

Ofcourse there also need to be a blue page in this ledger and here it is. I really like this embroidered piece because there are so many story-telling elements in it. 

Totally love these two pages. The doodle drawn as precisely as I could together with the handspun wool makes a truly interesting combination. However the page with the knitted, handspun woollen thread did create a problem. My book was totally unable to close. I had to do something about that other than taking the knitted sample out.

My solution was to take out the remaining pages except for one and paint them. This way a stock of paper is ready to be used and the book can now close, well almost 

A rubber band is still needed but this way I can safely store the pages that are in the book. No worries at all and no waste of paper either.

Enjoy your weekend and your special quirks. :-)


Thursday, September 27, 2018


Image result for Hamonshu

Sometimes something very special ends up in one's mailbox, mine in this case. Three Japanese books called Hamonshu. In these books a study of waves in drawing can be seen. Very special. Ofcourse there are more images, so here is the link.

Image result for Hamonshu

Why do I like this book so much. Well, it is like the book of A. Boogert, the watercolour book, someone, a long time ago, spent their time making something beautiful and we can still draw inspiration from their amazing work. This is their seed as May Sarton would say.

The quote from May, for those who are not familiar with it.

"I would like to believe when I die that I have given myself away like a tree that sows seeds every spring and never count the loss, because it is not loss, it is adding to future life."

Have a lovely evening and keep sowing seeds!


Playing with paper

The last few days I've been playing with paper while trying to wrap my head around an idea.

These are some of the pages that were made in the process. Do you notice the change in colour? Was kind of surprised by it myself. :-)

This book was also on my desk. Didn't use it because too many special tools and ink, etc. were needed. Or one could say: My array of painting stuff is rather small and I didn't want to dash to a shop because I've already enough problems with where to put what! 

Hope you are enjoying yourself too.


Saturday, September 22, 2018

Bark book no. 2

The second episode in the serie: Barking mad! Yes, my second Bark book is finished and although the materials are largely the same, the book feels very different. (In case you missed episode one of this serie click here.) In the picture above you can see a small piece of driftwood as part of the way to keep the book closed.

While hiking in Sweden last summer a number of very yummy pieces of bark were picked up and brought home as carefully as possible. 

As you probably guessed a lot of pictures are made and I could make you scroll down deeper and deeper, instead I created a short video with pictures.

It was an adventure to make this one but I'm truly happy with the result.

Have a wonderful weekend!


Wednesday, September 12, 2018

A poem for the exhibition

At my first exhibition there was a poem of Rainer Maria Rilke, The Swan. My choice than was to pinprick the paper so the poem would flow on the paper. I am trying to make some sort of bridge between my first and second exhibition, like a continuation of sorts. Therefore I decided to take another poem and play with it. 

I wrote this poem in 2014, it seems I didn't publish it on my blog. No idea why. I wanted to use the three Soul Food-colours, blue, pink & purple, the main colours for the exhibition. This time the poem is scattered over the page. The mulberry paper partially removed so the lines became visible and with a simple pink running stitch it is finished off. Maybe I add a frame, haven't decided yet. 

The blue smudges were made as a reference to the wind. It is just a small piece but a lovely addition. At the moment there are 45 pieces for the exhibition. The largest one is ofcourse Soul Food, 1,35 x 1, 15 cm, the smallest one 15 x 18 cm.

And although there are still a couple of things I'd like to make, tonight I will start making another bark book. Yep, I'm going barking mad again ... :-)

Enjoy your evening.


Tuesday, September 11, 2018

Another pink plate

And a new plate with pink thread is finished.

Even the fringes on the back look beautiful to me.

Have to admit, I like these shades of pink more than I did of the failed plate.

This is my picture of the day on Flickr
It is a quote of May Sarton from the book House by the sea. 
"The great thing with any creative work is that it is never repetitive. 
The problems are always fresh, one is never bored ... "

The last few months I've been reading the journals of May.
 And each time around I truly enjoyed myself. 

Hope you are enjoying yourself too.

See you soon.


Tuesday, September 4, 2018

A prototype

Since my teenage years I have already this problem with books that don't close. To me it is a nuiseance when it comes to storage due to the lack of space.  During this year of Artistbook with Karen I got confronted with it again, ofcourse. Luck was on my side this time because I came across this video of Susan Gaylord. In this video she shows a Japanse book (0.22 til 0.44) and that made me re-think the bookstructure.

My question was: If I were to make pages like the Japanse pages, what kind of spine would I need? In the picture you can see the spine.  (I know that this is just a piece of almost discarded paper) 

The pages are now sewed onto the spine but as you can see there is space between the pages which solves my problem.

The cover is made out of two layers. The first layer is to attach the content of the book. 

Made an opening, carefully pushed on side of the spine in and did the same on the other side. 

This is how the outside of the cover looks which isn't pretty by any means of measure. And therefore I stitched the second layer on it. A cover to cover things up.

As you can see in the last picture there is plenty of space for all kinds of stitches, collages, and anything else I want to put on the paper. 

This is a prototype and there are still some details I want to do differently but for now I'm really happy how things came together. 

Have a lovely tuesday!


Saturday, September 1, 2018


At this point I thought ... wow, things are going very smoothly!

And as you can see, I started incorrect. This mistake can't be rectified and so all these bullion knots were made for the scrap pile. Not good!

I can't start over just now since I don't have enough pink thread for another plate. Time to start a new book, now that is exciting!

Enjoy your weekend