Tuesday, June 5, 2018

Memorylane and Soul Food revisited ... oh and a bit about privacy

Last night  the postcard above was made. (It is 10 x 15 cm and therefore I call it a postcard) The theme is memories of the beach. Just like in the series Memorylane bullion knots are the containers of memories. This time I used the bullion knots to weave, never done that before but I can tell you, it is fun to do. 

Today this postcard was made. The colours of Soul Food are used and I have so many memories connected to that project that the row of bullion knots could easily be twenty times longer. For those who are not familiar with my Soul Food project, click here and you get a video of it or scroll down and look on the right where you will find a button that leads to the total process of this project.

The bullion knots are made from a locally bought, handspun yarn from merino and mohair. The needle-weaving in pink is done in mohair and the crochet circles with tail in wool. Ofcourse it was a challenge to get the bullion knots on paper without too many other knots coming into the work but with patience it did work. Sometimes I think embroidery is just training in patience and focus .. :-)

Now something totally different. Since Google, Facebook (which I left), Flickr and without a doubt many more platforms are all of a sudden very alert when it comes to our privacy .. uhm .. I have the obligation to tell you that Google squeezes every bit of information out of this blog possible. There is nothing I can do about that but Mr. Google has your best interest at heart and makes absolutely sure that your privacy is guaranteed. It is therefore that I will no longer get a notification when you leave a note at a blogpost. Sorry about that but if you want to have a chat about my work or anything else for that matter you can reach me at: bluesmanblues@gmail.com.

Enjoy your week and I hope to hear from you soon.


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