Tuesday, May 22, 2018

Ode to Erwin J. Lachman

Every now and again one meet the right person and their artwork at the right time. When it happens things make sense, dots are connected which makes me very happy! 

This weekend I came across a video with the work of Erwin Lachman. What I like about this work is the way he brought texture to his paintings by adding sand to his acrylics and his minimalistic style. Lyrical minimalism, definitely a style I like and as a thank you I made this ode to mr. Lachman.

My pieces is made with needle-weaving in two colours of green, bullion knots and backstitch on paper. The composition is from one of his paintings.

Thanks for visiting and have a lovely week.



foxyloon said...

Nice tribute. The geometry of his design works so well with your stitching passions.

Elizabeth said...

Thank you Laureen and that's the reason why I got so excited .. :-)