Saturday, March 24, 2018

Paper quilt

Last week I made my first paper quilt. The "Gypsy woman" from Jen Kingwell was my source of inspiration. The paper I found in our local thriftstore and it works beautifully in this piece. And that's why I already started a new one.

Enjoy your weekend!


Sunday, March 18, 2018

Bits and pieces

Two weeks ago Nancy mentioned the Handbook of stitches and since I liked the cover and trust her information, I had to get it from the library. While ordering the book I saw another book of the same author and ordered that one too. Both of them are true gems, there are lovely stitches and ideas how to use them. 

Husband had a package with this beauty incorporated and so before he discarded the package, he cut this out for me... Love it!

Besides drooling over books and beautiful items I also got something done. I made a small lap throw. Had some sockyarn in a drawer and a large piece of vintage linen. Knitted until I ran out of yarn (50 x 45) and backed the throw with the linen. It was ripped a bit which I mended. I could have cut that piece off but I decided to feature the vintage not only by mending but also to put some patches on it despite the fact that there were no holes. I'm happy with the result and so is our little one. 

That's all for now ... Enjoy your weekend with the Beast of the East!


Monday, March 5, 2018

Vandyke stitch

Last weekend I set myself a new task. I wanted a braided border stitch as the Vandyke stitch is to be totally curved. Couldn't find an example and so I simply started. First made a drawing and carefulling filling the lines with points until it looked ok. Pinpricked the holes and started to needle away and it went just fine. Another sample for my collection and I will definitely use this idea because it really looks nice. 

Enjoy your experiments!