Wednesday, January 31, 2018


(Walking on memorylane is like connecting dots of the past)

Only 10 days ago I showed you the little booklet with the bullionknot spine. These bullion knots totally fired me up and I made some beautiful pieces. Small pieces but filled with stories and I loved making them. 

(A collision of memories)

And I gave them each a title that had to do with memories. It is truly wonderful to make and share these pieces, they show the variety of the bullion knot-stitch, they make me express some thoughts and the challenge me to make the best picture possible.

(Scribbles from the past)

What more could I wish for. If you want to see the whole series than just click here.

And I truly hope that you will enjoy them just as much as I do.



foxyloon said...

All the work I have seen you do has been very intriguing but this work has surpassed everything. A real masterpiece.

Karen said...

Elizabeth, these pieces are outstanding, exceptional. Please share them with the group???