Saturday, January 13, 2018

Let the ice melt, set the energy free

Have been stitching all that I can and now I'm so happy to share this piece with you. It took me more than a week of intense stitching. And removing the excess paper was nerve-wrecking as was stitching three new layers of paper to it.

All of this started with visiting an ice-sculpture festival in Nordborg where Susanne Ahrenkiel was demonstrating her skills with a big chainsaw while creating a gorgeous ice-sculpture. The third picture in the link is my source of inspiration for this piece.

In this piece I used watercolour paper, wallpaper, mulberry paper and tracing paper and so at the finish there is a relatively sturdy piece of work.

And here you can see an overview of Let the ice melt, set the energy free!

Have a fabulous weekend!



karen said...

absolutely stunning! I love the direction I see in your work...contemporary, exciting...

foxyloon said...

This is beautiful. I love the layering and the energy of the red peaking out.