Thursday, November 2, 2017

Barking mad

The title of this post makes me smile as does my latest book. Yes, another book and this time with pieces of bark that I collected during the summer. For years trees and their texture have been a wonderful subject to photograph. It isn't the first time that I use wood and so in this year of Making an artist book I felt that it would be an interesting challenge to make a Bark book.

The piece of bark on the cover is a small one. I drew the contour of the piece and pinpricked the shape a little bit smaller so the bark will stay under the paper. The sides of the paper are also pinpricked, just to add that little bit extra texture. 

This piece is a lot bigger and also thicker but it works fine this way.

This is a long thin strip of bark which didn't give any problem whatsoever while being sewed in.

This is a large piece with lots and lots of texture, in other words a yummy page. :-)

This is the thickest piece of them all and ofcourse I chose the thinnest part to sew it in. All in all it didn't give me much problems to which surprised me. Each signature with bark is sewed together with Kettle stitch and this was the new element for me since I never did a bookbinding stitch before. 

I love my new book, it has great textures and it gives me new opportunities. 

Enjoy your thursday!


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karen said...

I came here after seeing your image on Flickr and I desperately wanted to see's incredible....