Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Another handkerchief

My love for helleristninger isn't a secret since I talked and used them in my work a fair number of times and it seems that I'm back with my old love. 

It is now almost two years ago that I made my first handkerchief and did make a couple of them since than. Similar shape but each time totally different. Today I used an old photograph from a stone found on Vivebrog√•rd in Himmerland. The marks from the stone are transferred onto my drawing of the hankie. Added the colours with water-colourpencils and carefully put a wet brush over it. After letting it dry the running stitch is added so the folds/lines remain visible. 

I love it and it will become an appreciated addition to my ledger. 

Time to start doodling again.

Have a wonderful creative tuesday!


1 comment:

karen said...

oh I love this!! It's a fantastic drawing....wow.