Friday, October 6, 2017

Changed my mind ... again!

Last time I told you about the decision to make an artists book. Well it turned out that my urge for pockets was stronger.

In the collage above you can see the different pages that I made. All the material is from old jeans, my husband discarded shirts, handkerchiefs and some cloth that I dyed years ago with avocado peels. In other ways a fun project for recycle materials. 

Maybe you have a hard time to find the 5 pockets so I'll show in another collage.

Heartsong is a special word for me and in these pockets I plan to keep special stories and quotes. As you can see some have already landed there. Loved working on this project and I hope to enjoy it for a long time.

Have a great weekend and keep swinging your needle.


1 comment:

karen said...

this is incredible.....I would urge you, beg you to put this in the group because it's too beautiful not to be seen.......and drooled over...