Wednesday, September 27, 2017

Back in town

More than three weeks ago I posted for the last time. It was not my intention to do such a large hiatus but it couldn't be helped. So what did I do? Well in the meantime the kitchen is painted, as is the entrance and the bedroom by me and ofcourse there had to be done also some decluttering in the process next to all the normal stuff to run this household. Besides this I've been in bed with a fever for a couple of days. Yes that's worth mentioning since I can't remember when I spent full days in bed due to being sick. All in all there was little time for swinging my needle. 

On the bright side of things I found these again tucked away in a bag. A little lightbulb switched on when I remembered this video and this article.

Since I also signed up for another class of Karen Ruane called Artists book I thought this could become the cover of my artists book. Despite the fact that we should be thinking about the content of the book, not about pages and covers are totally not on the menu yet. Yes, I am an expert on following instructions. (lol) Not only will this become my cover but it is also another experiment for my bullion knot ledger

And here is my cover. It is 12 cm x 19 cm and bullion knots are used to make a closing. Not sure about the braided string. A final decision need to be made about that when the content is in the book. 

Well I'm glad to be back and hopefully with more time for my creative endeavours in the time to come.

Have a grand day!



foxyloon said...

Very cool re-use of a lovely detail. The bullion knots are very clever indeed.

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karen said...

oh please keep going in any direction you like....I could watch the beautiful work on here and not care if it's a cover or a page or anything else.