Wednesday, June 7, 2017

A new project: A shirt of memories

The other day I was thinking about memories in general and below you can read some of the notes I made. 

Memories, we all have them. They have a big influence on our daily existence, they are the starting point of habits, maybe one could even say: they are the foundation of our life. As a newborn baby we have a clean slate but experiences teach us how to manoeuvre between the wishes and needs we have and the rules of society. 
Memories can be a great source of information when it comes to ones strenghts and weaknesses since it provide sufficient examples in all kinds of situations. Still they can also be a trap especially when a person hands out a label, a sticky note and you accept it at the given moment. It becomes nasty when it is never questioned, if one never take their view of life, their values or their state of mind in consideration. 
Memories are like an invisible shirt one always wears.

After rereading these notes they felt like a good enough start for a new project and in the photograph above you can see the start of it. I'm very excited and look forward to lots of hours of stitching and pondering about this subject.

Enjoy your wednesday.


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