Friday, May 19, 2017

Ida Lorentzen

A short while ago I came across the work of Ida Lorentzen for the first time and I fell in love. Her work reminds me of Vilhem Hammershøi, a documentary about his life you can see here.

In the video above you can see the house Ida built especially for her paintings, just so that the atmosphere in the paintings is the same as the room they hang in. Totally love that!

Now this blogpost opens with a picture of a small piece I made with one of Ida's paintings as inspiration. It is made out of three layers of paper, started with 6 strands bullion knots, went to four and the last doorpost is made of two strand bullion knots. The floor is pinpricked going from big bold holes to fine holes and the window is a simple two strand running stitch. At first I wanted to give each wall a different stitch but I decided against this, I want to keep it as simple as possible and give the room air to breathe. 

It's something complete different from what I normally do but it truly was lovely to work this way although hard on my fingers at times. 

Have wonderful weekend and no matter what .... Keep stitching!


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