Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Where do I start?

The exhibition has come to an end. So many things happend but where do I start with writing it all down? The picture above is made by husband just before the exhibition opened. When I came in and saw all that space to fill I had a small panic-attack thinking I didn't have enough ... luckily I still had a lot of of stuff at home.

The rest of the pictures are made by Julie. Julie drove up to my little peninsula just to see the exhibition and I am so happy she did. It was absolutely fantastic to see her again and catch up again. 

Lots of people stopped by during this 5 day Easter exhibition and they agreed all on one thing: It looked definitely different. 

Love this collage of these plates. Being part of this exhibition has definitely been a interesting experience. I'm still trying to gather my thoughts so I just leave you with this blogpost but without a doubt there will be more.

Have a great week.


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karen said...

your exhibition looks amazing Elizabeth. The exposure for your very innovative and contemporary work is so well deserved.