Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Belle point de Venise cinq point

Last weekend Jennifer Collier had a picture of the Belle point de Venise cinq point on her Fb-page. It looked more than lovely and so I had to find out how to do that. Googled extensively but couldn't find a good instruction, an instruction I could read. Therefore I called out to Deanna because Deanna's knowledge is huge and she also makes lace. Deanna went out hunting for information but in the meantime Jennifer came to the rescue and made a small video. 

Since information was so hard to find I decided to make a little video too and put it on YouTube so everyone can benefit. 

Happy stitching and sharing!


1 comment:

deanna7trees said...

great video. i've been using the stitch on a small art piece with green perle cotton. i love it. i hope to post a pic on Instagram. not sure if you are on Instagram.