Monday, March 13, 2017

The Ashley book of knots

Got this book from the library after it was mentioned by Deanna on Fb. It is a wonderful source to find the right knot, some are simple to create, others very difficult. Anyway this made me go on a little journey with the Josephine knot. I stumbled on this knot earlier while creating the Outlander ledger but this time there were more samples made. 

In the collage you can see the Josephine knots that I created in different media: Blomstergarn, Sharpies, Fine-liners, watercolour paint and a pattern in pencil. Nothing really sparked something that made me continue to explore that road but somehow the idea of meeting place, as I call the Josephine knot, isn't leaving me alone. 

And so I made one more, a pinpricked version. And although all look fine, there need to be more.
But what? Hope to tell you soon.

Enjoy your week!



karen said...

this book is so ''you''. I should say on the front, ''written especially for Elizabeth''.

deanna7trees said...

always love seeing your explorations.