Thursday, March 2, 2017

Ledger of inspiration

Richard Sweeney is today's artist who work is the source of inspiration. Almost two years ago now I "met" Richard on YouTube. When I saw his work hanging on the wall behind him, while he was introducing himself, all I could think was if I could fold something like that and embellish it with embroidery. I gave the folding a short try but I was too excited and totally unfocused. The paper plates became a substitute, although not nearly as beautiful as his artwork but nevertheless I worked on the Focus-series for almost two years. 

So ofcourse he had to have his own pages in the ledger. The first picture shows a small folded piece and each fold is watercoloured. The pictures two and three are pinpricked. The whole is three pages, two pages with each its colour and one page pinpricked which can be laid on the blue or brown page.

Ofcourse I give you also the video that made such a huge impression and I hope you take the time to watch it.

Have a wonderful thursday!


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