Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Ledger with a story VII

My love for maps isn't a secret around here and therefore you probably won't be surprised that I had to copy the map of Outlander on a page. I have googled a lot for this project and one of the finds was the wedding vows in Gaelic and English. They are printed out, pasted onto white card and after that pinpricked to add some yummy texture. 

Besides a classproject it was also a journey to find a gift. A friend of mine is nuts about Outlander and she knitted already several garments, so that was not an option. What you see here is more or less a summary of Outlander. Craigh na Dun is the stonecircle with which Claire timetravels from 1944 to 1744.  She is married to Frank Randall when it happens. In 1744 she meets James Fraser, a Scotsman whom she eventually marries. It is his tartan that I used throughout this ledger. 

I embroidered a circle in stemstitch which represents Craigh na Dun. The three colours of the tartan are used to embroider. Because Claire timetravelled through the stones she is emotional pulled towards two men. Brown represent James Fraser and black represents Frank Randall. The colour for Frank Randall had to be black because Claire meets his ancestor and his nickname is Black Jack Randall. 

All this information is now stored in my ledger. Time to start making the gift.

Hope you enjoy yourself too!


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