Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Ledger with a story IV

In the start blogpost I wrote: "a tartan is a fabric where a lot of lines are crossing". I don't mean any disrespect to the history of this cloth, in fact I really like the historical content. Still that sentence is important for me to move forward. Today you can see the page I made with coloured pencil and watercolour paint with lines in different colours. My favorite combination at the moment is the blue background with the brown lines.

On the other page I did a stitch study. What I really, really wanted was to make bullion knots in wool and I tried really hard to get that done. But as you can see, I failed. The fibers of the wool are making it impossible for me to pull the thread through without becoming one big lump of wool. Therefore I cut the wool away and did a line with chainstitch, stemstitch and running stitch in braun wool thread. (even the chainstitch gave me a bit of trouble) And the same stitches were also done in blue embroidery floss. 

When all these lines were stitched there was still a little bit of space left and I couldn't resist doing a line of bullion knots in embroidery floss. Just love bullion knots on paper. Still I wasn't happy about this page and therefore I went to a local shop and got myself some blomstergarn. 

Stitched two more rows with bullion knots, one with a single thread and one with a double thread. This add on made it complete for me.

Hope you're enjoying yourself just as much with your projects.

See you.


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karen said...

fantastic double page spread didn't fail. You succeeded in learning. No negatives please, your work is too amazing for that.