Friday, November 11, 2016

A ledger with a story

A new class started at the start of this month, time for me to give you an up-date on what is happening. The new class is about making a ledger and to incorporate a lot of techniques with paper as the foundation.

Before class started I had already picked out my image. Not just an image but one that hopefully will lead to a lovely present for a friend. This friend is totally nuts about Outlander and therefore I wanted to make something special for her that is inspired by this book and tv-serie. The book is set in historical Scotland and so a lot of tartan fabric is present in the tv-serie which I took as my source of inspiration, more specifically the tartan of James Fraser.

As you probably know, tartans are made of wool and here I met my first challenge since I normally use floss to embroider with. Therefore I decided to make this thread sample, as seen in the picture.
I collected four different kind of threads of which two were wool. Pinpricked all of  the holes,
 thinking I would embroidery horizontal lines on the paper, except the ones for the thick wool thread. Started feeling like I couldn't do the horizontal lines because the chance of ripping the page was to big. Found a solution in embroidering a single cross. I liked the cross a lot and one can say that, although it is oversimplefied, a tartan is a fabric where lots of lines are crossing. 

It was than that I decided that I wanted to embroider crosses on my page. Had four different kind of thread and therefore I wanted to have four different kind of crosses. The holes were already pinpricked in the paper, my boundaries were set. As you can see I manage to come up with four different looking crosses, made also sure that the dividing stitched line had also a cross in the centre, just for the sake of consistency.

Don't think I ever wrote so much about a project as I did today and there is a lot more to come!

Have a fabulous weekend.


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deanna7trees said...

what a great idea to use Outlander as your theme. progressing beautifully.