Wednesday, November 16, 2016

A ledger with a story II

Last week the story behind my new ledger in the making was told and today you get the second installement. One of the assignments was to embellish a cut out circle. A lot of time this is done with buttonhole lace but I felt that didn't fit with the tartan. I had the lines crossing from the thread sample page and so I used them to embellish my circles. These are all done in embroidery floss, the ones in wool are almost done too. 

Some of the circles I love a lot, while others are ok. To make this I had to learn a few things but in the end it all worked out. Really happy with these, in the back you see pictures from the tartan since I have no cloth to sew in here.

Anyway, have a grand wednesday and I'll see you soon.


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karen said...

how many times can I write the word ''wonderful''. Are you bored of reading it? You already know how I feel about this.....I will just sit a little longer and stare...