Friday, September 30, 2016

The third page in a twist

The original page in my ledger was made with a total ease. This twist is everything but that. As you can see my collection of a hankie with a knot is still growing. Still working on the pinpricking on the white version. As soon as that is finished I want to make some blue buttons or white buttons with the word memories. All of this takes so much more work than I imagined when I agreed to remake these pages. Oh well, I learn a lot because I accepted this challenge, so it's no use to complain.

Hope you're learning in joy too.


1 comment:

karen said...

I am slightly lost for's been a while since I was here and look what I have missed. Your work is stunning. Do you even know how good this is? How the artistic thinking you produce is way up there? This work deserves greater exposure and I hope the exhibition gives you that. I adore this page, it has movement and is beautifully composed....take a moment to congratulate yourself and to tell yourself you are heading in a very good direction.