Thursday, September 15, 2016

The process of a plate

In general I show a finished piece but I decided to give you a peek into my kitchen. The picture above is a plate I made in 2015. For the exhibition I want to do a remake despite the fact that this plate is made in the same thread. My reason for remaking this one is the border. Through the bullion loops of 35 wraps is a single thread woven. Decided that it had to be a cord made with my snoregaffel or lucet. 

Made a plate with bullion knots of 25 wraps and the cord. Turns out, it is way to bulky, everything is so cramped together that the beauty of it gets lost. Time to make another plate with bullion knots. This time they have only 20 wraps and there is space between them. Let's hope it will work.

As you probably can guess, this is all very time-consuming but necessary to make the best plates possible. The bonus is that I learn all I can about things to consider when stitching on a paper plate or piece of paper.

Hope you are enjoy your learning curve as much as I do.


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karen said...

I would have given this border 10 marks out of looks perfect to me. I do understand why you would want to redo it though if you aren't happy with it. I wonder if using a very fine thread and 35 wraps would work? Doing less wraps makes the loops shorter.....using finer thread with 35 wraps would give them length but they would be finer? Just a thought :)