Friday, August 19, 2016

Celtic idea

Some years ago I designed and embroidered this celtic peace sign. For some reason while on holiday I thought about it and decided that it would be a wonderful idea if I embroidered it on paper with bullion knots.

Made a tiny sample to see if it was possible at all. Conclusion it is possible with a lot of patience and since patience is my middlename it is a project I would like to do. Unfortunately I don't have any time to start such an elaborate project since I still have a lot of work to do for the exhibition,  so this is one that has to wait. One project for the rainy day when I have nothing to do. 

Hope your days are just as much filled with all kinds of work that you love. Have a fantastic weekend.


1 comment:

Christian Patton said...

Love this beautiful Celtic peace sign Elizabeth, sad you dont have the time to make an embroidery on paper for this it would make a beautiful addition to your wonderful exhibition :)