Tuesday, April 26, 2016


Last week I started a new project which was on my mind already for some time. The start of the idea comes from the book you see in the middle of the picture. The book is about economic stimulation of the northern part of Als, the peninsula I live on. Besides text and figures there are also photographs in the book which I liked. Some of you know that I carry my camera with me at all times and have taken tons of pictures of my surroundings. Besides this I wanted to expand my library on how to use lettering in my work. 

So my photographs and lettering ideas will be combined in this book. There are 25 villages and for each I intend to make a different page. At the moment 6 ideas are about ready and I really like it although at first I thought I would use the colours blue, green and white but so far the green is left behind. Oh well, we'll see what happens later on.

Have yourself a lovely tuesday.


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karen said...

this is a beautiful collage, crammed with inspiration....