Friday, March 25, 2016

Bullion knot edge

The other day Karen wrote a comment on the post A new stack of samples which gave me the idea to try the series of bullion knots on cloth. Although the outcome looks the same it does take some practice to do it on cloth because the stiffness of the paper isn't there. The first one looks a bit wobbly but slowly I made progress.

When I showed the first sample to my son he asked: "Why don't you connect them?" So later in the evening I managed to give that idea a go and the result you can see in the picture above. They transformed in heart-like shapes. 

Since this series of bullion knots is the most elaborated one of them, so far, I know all the other variations can be done as well which means that all of the stitches on plates can be used on cloth well and with some practice they will become more neat and precise.

Time to think of something new

Have a lovely day.


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karen said...

how about a cloth sampler of all your plate stitches??? A big task I guess bit wouldn't it be wonderful and it would have a connection to the plates.