Friday, February 12, 2016

Seeds of hope on blue cloth

And here is my jug which is pouring seeds of hope on  my blue cloth. At this point this jug will be the last piece of embroidery on this blue cloth but don't hold me to that. Why not? Well I already told you that I wanted to finish my paperplate project but I'm in the process of changing my mind again. Paperplates are a lot on my mind these days and I think I might start a new project with them. So let's see what happens because I also started stitching on a throw and a ledger cover. Yes, busy days, these days, especially for my needle.

Have a fabulous weekend and I'll see you next week.


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julochka said...

at Drink & Draw last weekend, we talked about how any painting or work can be improved by the addition of a bowl or jug. At least my fellow artists thought so, I personally had never thought about it, but I had one base that was totally different from my others and which wasn't working at all until Nancy drew a little vessel on it. Alas, I didn't take a photo of it for some strange reason (tho' I thought I did), so I can't show the proof of how improved it was, but it was indeed improved.