Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Prairiepoints and what happens when ...

Two weeks ago I showed you the embroidered paper piece with the prairiepoints. Showed that piece in class and wrote: This one can probably also be made in cloth. Therefore I put my swinging needle in motion and made it in cloth. While I was pulling out the tacking thread


While I was pulling out the tacking thread this happend. At that moment I thought: One could make a pinpillow like this. Showed it in class and they encouraged me to develope it further. And so I did but the result wasn't a pinpillow but a toggle.

This toggle is named the Karen's-toggle due to the fact that I used different techniques that I learned in class and the little one needed a name. So what do you think?

And my fellow classmates also asked if there was a paperplate with prairiepoints. No there wasn't but I'm working on it! .. :-)

Have a fabulous day,


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