Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Focus on wednesday

Although I said I was going to bring my paperplate project to a close I could not resist to make another plate. Maybe I will add a plate to the collection every once in a while if an idea hits me over the head for it. This time I folded a little dress. With the chainstitch I made sure that it stays folded and it is attached to the plate but to give a bit more security I also did a running stitch inside the skirt. The name of the plate is Childhood dreams and at the moment I'm trying to research this a bit further.

The border is filled with the Pistil stitch or French knots on stalks and the look like little dandelion seeds flying around.

Enjoy your wednesday and I hope to see you tomorrow.



karen said...

what a lovely idea...I don't think you will ever be able to let go of these paper plates :)

Maggi said...

I can see 'just one more' becoming a recurring theme