Tuesday, January 19, 2016

The journey of Celtic circles continues

Happy Days, my computer is brought back to life. Just before the computer crashed I showed you this Celtic circle and this one.  The pictures of today show you the third finished Celtic circle piece I made. The blue/white cord is made with my snoregaffel or lucet and attached to the paper with bullion knots.

All I wanted during that week of making Celtic circles was making bullion knots and this way I could totally satisfy that need.

The circle is fairly simply but I do love how the large bullion knot circle looks. That's one to remember when I want to do something with a circle. 

Hope you enjoyed seeing this little journey.



Maggi said...

What a great idea to attach the lucet cord with bullion knots

karen said...

I really do think these plates, these exquisite pieces of original art deserve their own exhibition, their own space on display. And you have invested so much into this ''collection'' this body of work I do hope you are proud of yourself.