Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Book of American Needlework

At the library I found this book of Rose Wilder called Book of American Needlework and I took it home. In the collage above you see a few images of it. Do love that chair although one page totally got my attention. Not even the page just a part of the page, made a picture of it and you can see it in the right corner at the bottom.

First I made a drawing of it and although it looks like an easy doodle, let me assure you it took some time to get it right but I loved every minute of it and the result too.

And therefore a green and blue one in watercolour pencil were made. What to do with it? No idea but I love them all the same.

Have yourself a lovely tuesday, enjoy!


1 comment:

karen said...

your dolde looks so complex...I love that you have done it in two colours....