Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Thoughts on tuesday

Not really sure how to start this post. Found this video a few days ago on productivity and being busy as validation. Than yesterday this post of Humans of New York struck a cord with me:

“Because I’m a refugee, my life is on pause. My studies have stopped. I’m not working. I don’t have a career. Because I’m Syrian, I’m not allowed to participate in society. It’s been years of doing nothing. I used to be a cheerful person. I was always invited to parties. Now I like to be alone. I’ve become more nervous and aggressive. I yell over silly things. I just want to start my life again. I learned last Thursday that I’m going to a state called North Carolina. I’m very nervous. I know nothing about it. More than anything, I want to finish my education. But mostly I hope that whatever is waiting for me there is better than what I’ve gone through.”

Why did it struck a cord with me? Last weekend some friends came over for dinner and we talked about how important it is to have a job in Denmark. Not just for economic reasons but most of all for social reasons because one of the first questions people ask is: What are you doing? if one just met or How is work these days? It is the starter of many conversations and it seems that a lot of people feel embarrased to say they are out of work.Why? Because than the conversation stops and the person not having a paycheck is left out, abandoned, not worthy of spending more time with. In extreme cases people who loose their job even stop going to parties or other social gatherings. Can one only participate in society when one has a job?

On the other hand there is this huge wave of being creative, which has become an industry itself, with free-spirited ideas. And here lies the crutch at least for me. How can one come to use their creative potential in full if it has to fall within the description of a job and within the boundries of the rules of social acceptance? How can we find solutions for the many problems we have in society if the solution has to lie within all these parameters?

For me it is contradiction I can't stop thinking about. If you have any thoughts or maybe you can see where my reasoning is off, please let me know.

Have  a fabulous tuesday.



Maggi said...

A really thought provoking post.

julochka said...

I think Denmark makes it especially hard. you area your job here and it had better be a career. I don't know the answer. I fought it for a few years, but am back in the grind. I think you should tell people you're an artist. because you are.