Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Such a lucky girl

A few weeks ago Deanna organized a give-away in our secret society over at Flickr. The secret society is a gathering of ladies who love to swing their needle while Karen keeps a watchful eye out. You probably guessed it by now, in case you haven't ... I was the winner of the give-away and yesterday my mailman was so kind to drop off her parcel. The handmade pouch is very beautiful. Deanna had ofcourse made some pictures of the pouch but she hadn't photograph the inside. And here was a big surprise. The inside of the pouch is made of silk with a feather design woven in. In case you don't know, I photograph little white feathers when I come across them and so my name was on the pouch from the start ... or so it feels. .. :-)

So thank you Deanna for your generous gift and I will see you in class again on wednesday.

Have a wonderful tuesday!


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Maggi said...

Congratulations on your win