Thursday, November 5, 2015

Focus ledger

As I told yesterday, the Ægishhjálmr is the theme for this week and today I will show you the work in the Focus ledger.

On the two doors, protecting what is behind it, is the Ægishhjálmr, as a protective seal. 

The bone button holds the seal in place, still it is possible to be opened.

When the seal is removed and the doors opened, this is what you get to see. On the left I made a combination of runen, helleristninger and items used to make textiles, the right side gives a word in runen. All of these items I used in my work before, they are very meaningful to me and therefore worth protecting.

In this detailpicture you can see how I combined and at the same time keep the different items separate. This gives the symbol a nice texture. All of it is inspired by the history of the Vikings and therefore a old seamap is chosen as the background. 

Hope you enjoyed this little journey.


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