Thursday, November 26, 2015

Focus ledger

The page of today for the ledger is a bit different. The symbol blinded by love is an old one which appeared already in a handmade book called Mystery, made in 2008 and ofcourse on Soul Food. There was no question for me whether or not to make a plate with it, there simple had to be a plate with it in this series.

For the ledger I wanted to change the visual and came up with the idea you see in the picture. This page difference from the other pages because of the variation in the process of the techniques. To pinprick the heart out I used a blunt, thick pinpricker from when I was a little kid. This is giving a different texture than the needle I normally use. Besides that I tried a different drawing and painting idea. I think the technique might work but I need to practice it a bit more which is fine with me. Had to start working with it somewhere, right?

Since there is also a plate with cross stitched hearts I used them to embellish the page and that worked out just fine. So in short it is not my favorite page but I learned a few things while creating it and therefore it was worth the effort.

Enjoy your thursday and I do hope you learn something new today too.


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Maggi said...

I like what you have done.