Thursday, November 12, 2015

Focus ledger

This page isn't linked to a specific plate. The reason for it is that all my plates are photographed on the map with Nörrköping. Didn't want to cut up that map, still way to precious to me but there are enough maps around in this house, so I took another one.

The quote of Robert Frost is already for years on my right bar and to no surprise fitted perfectly on this page. The border is made of a rectanglar paperplate and is pinpricked and painted.

On the front you see the buttons, the memorable moments which are often part of any journey. The fabric used is the same as I used on the flower hanging on my blue cloth. As for the fastening I did something special, they are all fastened a little bit different. A very small detail but one I absolutely love.  For me these details and the cross-references between the plates, the blue cloth and the ledger are the icing on the cake.

That's all for today ... time to start another one.

Have a productive thursday.


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Maggi said...

This is so lovely.