Friday, August 21, 2015

Focus on cloth

This is my first finished brick of my blue Focus-cloth. There are 99 bricks but at the moment I have no plan of filling them all although I may change my mind later on.
Some months ago I wrote somewhere: Life is grand but the beauty lies in the details ... and that sentence keeps swirling around in my head. This cloth is 123 x 258 cm which is grand when it is staring you in the face and it needs to be filled with embroidery. The bricks are marked with running stitch are the details. I chose bricks because of the story of Ajahn Brahm and his brickwall.

So this cloth will turn up regularly, each time a new brick will be stitched with a pattern/symbol of on of the plates. Hope you are as excited as I am about this.

Have a great weekend, keep stitching.


1 comment:

Pursuing Art... said...

Oh, E, you know I'm going to love following this blue focus cloth!!! :) I'm super excited and I know it's going to be just spectacular. You are off to a lovely start. I love the shade of blue and the white thread looks stunning against it. That is a big cloth, but enjoy the journey...I can already imagine the stunning outcome it will become.

Love the story of Ajahn and his brick wall...if that isn't the truth!!! Just can't help but enjoy listening to him...he's so wise. Fantastic that you chose bricks for this project and patterns and symbols of your plates. :) Yay...looking forward to seeing you stitch and build those bricks!!! :)