Thursday, August 27, 2015

Birthday gift

One of my male friends is turning 60 early next month. He had only one wish and that's I invite him to a dinnerparty and cook him dinner. Now that can be arranged but I also want to give him some sort of present on the day. So I decided to make him a kind of envelope. It isn't done yet, the scary part is postponed already a few times. Yes I have decided to use the sewingmachine to get the back on. Keep your fingers crossed I don't make a mess of things.

Made a cord of some very roughly spun wool with my lucet. The fabric is from a stack of samples I got my mother-in-law which she found in a thriftshop. This way of attaching a cord to the surface I learned from Karen. My version is not so intensely embellished because I want to give the pocket a more male-feeling.

Time to get my machine out and get on with it. Wish me luck.



karen said...

fabulous idea Elizabeth....

Pursuing Art... said...

That's a nice compliment, E, that his wish is that you'd cook him dinner! I just know you're a good cook. :) The envelope you are making for him is a lovely idea. I think the fabric and cord are simple and've made a good choice. I'm positive he will adore it. He's going to totally enjoy his birthday dinner and your hospitality!

You and that scary sewing maching are hysterical (rolling her eyes :)! I know you can do just don't like having to use it. ;-) Wishing you luck and I'm sure it worked out perfectly. :)