Friday, July 31, 2015

Summer in Norway

Time to give you a small peak into my summer holidays which I spent in Norway this year. The picture above was my view from our tent, the ever changing blue world. It was absolutely stunning.

This is the stavkirken in Notodden. I visited this wooden cathedrale  years ago but I was a very happy one that I now could make tons and tons of pictures. How lucky we are to live in the digital age. More pictures you can find here.

 Ofcourse I couldn't resist to visit some old houses too. In the picture above you see wallpaintings made by Olav Hansson in the late 18th century.

In one of the houses there was also work of Anne Bamle on display.

 And last but not least we hiked all the way to the top of Gaustatoppen. In the picture you can see we almost reached the top. 

Ofcourse I do have a lot more pictures and if you're interested you can go to this place and find the album Summer in Norway.

Hope you're also having a great summer.


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Pursuing Art... said...

I found where I left off and I'm back to visit. :)

View from your tent is stunning alright...just gorgeous! No doubt you loved looking at that view each day. The wood cathedral is beautiful and the wall paintings are amazing. Love the long wood table and benches...such a lovely room with simplistic charm. Incredible work by Anne Bamle, so colorful too, wow! And the view from Gaustatoppen...absolutely breathtaking!!! The clouds add so much to the view and the blue sky. For all the effort it took to hike to the top, the reward was definitely worth it! :) So glad you captured pictures along the way and are sharing your journeys. On to the next post, my little mountain goat! ;-)