Monday, May 18, 2015

Another find

Last week I spent a few days away from my beloved peninsula but stayed true to my thriftshop mania. Yes, I couldn't resist to take a peek in an unfamiliar thriftshop and look what I have found.

A gorgeous piece of vintage embroidery. It has some wear and tear, a few stains and no backing but to me it was and still is the most beautiful piece.

The colours are absolutely, without any doubt on my part, gorgeous. Some parts are embroidered in wool while others in cotton.

Love how the design is built up, the flowing of the shapes and the variety of stitches that are used. The dots, the leaves, the petals ... oh what a great combination. Husband asked: What are you gonna do with it? Nothing this is for my own museum and I can look at it any time I want! :-)

Since I don't know anything about this piece and very curious by nature ... can you tell me about 
  • the design?
  • when was this style popular? 
  • from which country comes this?
  • do you know who made this? ... now if anyone knows this, that would make my day.... :-)
In other words, I'm over the moon with this very beautiful piece of vintage embroidery.

Have a great start of your week and enjoy your finds whatever they are.



deanna7trees said...

identifying the source of vintage embroidery is difficult. interested to hear if you find out anything about this piece.

Anneli/Bockfilz said...

Oh yes, this is truly a wonderful piece of art! How lucky you were to find and rescue it - now it is in good hands!

Pursuing Art... said...

Oh it's beautiful, E, just lovely! Another treasured lucky girl. Loved how you answered are so funny!!! ;-))) I agree with rescued it and now it's in good hands. :) Have no idea where it could have possibly come from, but it looks kind of like a dresser piece although I'm not sure. The shape, colors and stitching is so pretty! You always find such beautiful pieces thrift hunting. :)