Friday, May 8, 2015

A meander book

Another little project is finished. Made this meaderbook with the idea to lay it on top of a design sheet unfortunately I didn't think about the size and therefore it became too large. But I don't mind because the process gave me these fun paper buttons and a new doodle.

This new doodle gave me already lot of fun. Last night I painted my heart out, it's not ready yet but I'm looking forward to work on it lots of more.

Have yourself a grand weekend too and I hope your projects excites you just as much.



Anneli/Bockfilz said...

Yes, this really looks as if you had a lot of fun! ;-)) And that's what creativity is all about, isn't it?

karen said...

''meander book''....great title...

Pursuing Art... said...

Here's where I left off! Good grief, the beginning of May (rolling her eyes :)! I'm starting a bit late today. Mark is home early, but he is doing work from here for about an hour. So I told him I'm taking the computer outside and catching up with you for awhile. :)

Definitely looks like you were having fun, E. I especially like the painted doddle! :)