Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Pleating mania coming to an end

This morning I finished my pleating cloth with a pleating button ofcourse.  It is something different than I usually make on the other hand there is still a lot of symbolism in it. All the cloth that is used is vintage except for the pale blue, very open woven diaper. It measures 45 x 70 cm.

To give the blue diaper rows a bit of body I backed them first with an old cotton cloth which I used to wipe clean the faces of my boys in the years gone by. The backing is made of flannel which was also used when my boys were little. The pleating and the running stitch are  standing for the high and lows of motherhood while the cross stitch is there as a reminder of all the decisions that needed to be made. Like standing on crossroads and the need to decided which way to go. 

And ofcourse there had to be a button on it because it is all about memories. In the collage you can see how I made it. At the back I first stitched a row of buttonhole stitch on both sides and than buttonhole laced them together to close the fabric around a flat plastic rectangle. It measures 10 x 11 cm. Most buttons have 4 holes and I mimicked this by fastening it with a knot in four places, the four directions of the wind.

And so this project has come to a close. I enjoyed working on it and I'm happy with the result.

Have a wonderful spring day filled with sunshine but most of all enjoy working on your own projects and thanks for stopping by.



Anneli/Bockfilz said...

This looks fantastic, Elizabeth! Somehow retro and modern at the same time - don't know how you manage to get that look!

Maggi said...

A lovely piece. Thank you for explaining the significance of the pieces that you used.

Pursuing Art... said...

It looks fantastic, E. Just love the meaning and memories that this piece holds! You buttoned up the memories beautifully. :)